Geyser Streaming

Low Cost Personal Cloud Computer


Sick of annoying downtime? Attacked by ransomware?

You may want to consider switching to a cloud computer. What service though? and aren’t they expensive? Cloud computing is a huge industry and a very complex one. Geyser Streaming makes it simple. Sign Up, Log in, and done!


But what is the cloud? Where is my computer?

The cloud is essentially someone else’s computer that you use remotely. Our services provide a server from and give you an easy interface to have full control over your device. Buy yourself a cheap laptop or one of our custom Raspberry Pis and log in from anywhere in the world!

How do I log in?

This part is easy. After purchasing a subscription to our Geyser Cloud Computer service click the web console button at the top of the page and this will take you to a log in screen. Log in with your credentials and you will have access to the Geyser Web Console. There you can see all devices you own. Click the “Download Connection” button and you will receive a file that can be run on nearly any system. Click that file and login one last time (feel free to save your credentials this time) and you’re in!

Ready To Checkout The Package?

X2 Cloud Computer Package
from 7.00 every month